Horse Training

NB Horse Training strives to make every horse’s life a better one through knowledge and achievement of higher learning on behalf of horse and human.  Through our program of patience, consistency, and understanding we can give you the safer, well-mannered, well -rounded, athletic and happy equine partner that you desire.

A Space for Learning

Conditioning and Maintaining

Proper maintenance in horses ensures optimal performance, enhances physical appearance, and maintains health, leading to improved well-being in horses.


Behavioral Issues

Rehabilitating behavioral problems by identifying the source of the problem, addressing it and redirecting the horse’s energy and thought processes to positive and productive behaviors.


Finishing Horses

Finishing work for the show pen, recreational arena work, or trail.  Giving you the reliable and happy partner you need for your desired venue.

A Place For LeaRning

Your horse will always be in a consistent learning environment.