Our Method

Our method has evolved over the past two decades, but it is still rooted in consistency and fairness.

A Successful Formula

We give equestrians the tools they need to be happy and successful with their horses.


You can’t expect consistency from a horse if they don’t get consistency from the rider.  


A horse that is treated compassionately always performs better than one trained through fear.


By learning to empathize with the horse we can better understand why it behaves as it does.


Positive experiences come from good horsemanship.

NB Horse Training focuses on teaching horse and human through connection on a psychological and emotional level, not just through physical work and manipulation.  Understanding how the horse thinks, reasons, and problem solves leads us to the training solution we need to be successful in any and every aspect of each individual horse’s education. From resolving behavioral issues, to finishing a horse for the show pen or trail – understanding how to get the correct answer determines how we approach the situation. 

We believe in combining decades of proven horsemanship skills and practices to find the correct approach and method that each horse and owner needs to understand what is being asked, how to achieve it and fully grow to the best of their abilities. We do not employ nor condone any harsh training methods that use fear or pain as a motivator in the learning/training process.

With our program you can rest easy knowing your horse will be cared for and worked with in a way that makes them feel totally comfortable and at ease with the whole training process. We strive to achieve and maintain a mentally healthy and happy horse along with the well-trained and productive partner that you are asking us to deliver to you. We welcome owners to come and see their horses at any time and encourage observation of the training sessions and lessons to be taken as frequently as possible. 

Our training and lesson program incorporates a balance of firmness and understanding with a constant but gentle push to improve your skills. We also possess a realistic recognition of the physical, mental, financial and time limitations that make some goals and achievements harder than we would sometimes like them to be.  We will help you balance what you desire with what you can realistically achieve while also pushing you and your horse to your limits on a regular basis to show you that you are capable of more than you thought possible!