Whether you’re a serious competitor or a horse crazy recreational rider, lessons are a great way to improve your skills and relationship with the horse.

A Space for Learning

Lesson horses

Having lesson horses available allows us to offer practical learning experiences, accommodate various skill levels, and ensure students can practice safely without the need for personal horse ownership, enhancing accessibility to equestrian education.


Various Styles

We offer both huntseat pleasure/equitation and western pleasure/horsemanship lessons, along with showmanship & trail, as well as lower levels of dressage and jumping. (Other topics such as trailer loading, general groundwork, etc. are also available)


Competition or Pleasure

Horse training benefits both competitive and pleasure riders by enhancing communication, improving safety, and increasing the horse’s responsiveness and agility, leading to a more enjoyable and successful riding experience for all

Book Your First Lesson

We will work on developing proper riding technique for the desired discipline and achieving a good working relationship with the horse.  How to safely handle and ride in any situation with confidence and success.

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